What defines us – as individuals or companies? Not many people or businesses really think about it, and why should they? It’s organic, it just happens, we are who we are, and “it is what it is!”

But is that really good enough on either a personal or organisational level? Not when you’re ambitious and trying to stick out from the crowd, in a good way. What defines us is often something we have to define ourselves after much consideration, and becomes part of our strategy, modus operandi, our purpose, and our message.

It’s not really anything to do with what we do, it’s the way we do it, and even more so, why. It informs the way we do things and what we do – it’s simultaneously fundamental and invisible.

It’s therefore easy to take for granted and lose track of, let slip, veer off from, and ultimately forget entirely. In the short term it might not make too much difference. But in the long term it will make all the difference.

Some people, or companies, have it easy. Their work and their identity are inseparable – their output and their operations are synonymous. For others it isn’t as simple, but the hard work involved in uniting output and operations is absolutely worth it from numerous perspectives.

Communicating your identity in simple yet creative ways is both a key ingredient and benefit of producing content, whether as an individual or as a company.

Setting out relevant topics and values that are important to you, and producing articles, videos, and other types of content that put your audience first and create conversation will revitalise your community’s sense of your identity, as well as your own.

It could even help answer the question many might be too embarrassed to ask: what is my identity?

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